Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Balboa Island

 While everyone else took a break from our morning at the beach, Aubree and I jumped in the car to go sight see. We drove to Little Balboa Island and walked up and down the street and the harbor. Then later on that night we all took the faery across to the main island (its really a strip of land, its not that exotic!) We went on a boat tour around the harbor which was really fun. We were able to see some sea lions and since we were sitting on the roof of the boat we had great views. In the picture above you can see a sea lion off to your right. Afterwards we rode the ferris wheel and played on the beach

 Yup, theirs even some BYU fans along the harbor!

Beach Bums

 It was low tide on one of the times and we found 3 star fish.
 Cute picture but not the best memory. David was helping Addie collect seashells. She was having the best time filling up her bucket until someone came up to her and said that you couldn't collect on this beach and made her dump them out. She was so disappointed and David and I were soooo mad! So when the lady left we snuck some seashells into our pockets. (oops!)

We went to 3 different beaches. Our hotel was in Newport Beach and overlooked the beach from the pool. The kids said their favorite part about the trip was Disneyland but I think it was the beach.

Monday, September 24, 2012


The long awaited trip has arrived!! We took the kids out of school and drove to California. This was Addie's 6th time, Austin's 2nd time, and Aubree's...(do I really need to count?!)
Even David was excited. He swore he was only going to do 1 day, but someone he was convinced to go 2 days. So then he said we were just going to do short days on both days and somehow we did 8 hours on both days.
 This was Austin's expression as he walked through Cars Land for the first time. LOve It!!

Austin has a thing for loud noises(Meaning he hates loud noises!). It drives me crazy!
Loved the smile, hate the ride. Not worth the long line

Okay. Not my best picture.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

What I've Been Up To

I have been having a ball taking pictures! Still trying to convince David to upgrade my camera....
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Aubree Age 9

Aubree Age 9
Aubree loves catching bugs,making crafts, and playing soocer

Addison Age 6

Addison Age 6
Addie loves playing with friends, doing schoolwork, and changing her clothes 10x a day

AUSTIN age 4

AUSTIN age 4
Austin loves cars, planes, and Spiderman

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