Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Vday Photo Shoot

 I do a Valentine Photo Shoot every year and try and add me in them even though I HATE how I look in pictures but I feel its important for their scrapbooks. The kids hate hate hate hate hate my photo shoots so I grabbed them right afterschool and headed straight to my spot. I brought a change of clothes for Addie but she refused. And I made them take off their coats when it was 40 degrees. I know I'm so mean!!
 This was Addie 90% of the photo shoot. Okay maybe this is Addie 90% of the time every day (shhhhh!) A girls life is rough!!!
 I won't tell you what I said to get them to might of involved bodily fluids....or someone farting.....
 ribbit! (But doesn't Aubree look adorable!! It was her first dance that day)

Aubree and Addison's new room

 About 2 years ago we finished a room downstairs for the girls. Then they decided they won't their own room so we moved Addie back upstairs. Then Aubree couldn't sleep by herself so she would make Addie sleep with her. So then we decided to finish 2 more rooms and combine it making it a VERY large room. Right now they are sharing a room and have a sitting room. Down the rode if they want they could move one of their beds in here and have their own space but still be together.
Anyhoo. We started this back in December and its finally somewhat done. We are still waiting on shutters.
 This desk and hutch used to be David's grandma's that I snagged when she passed away. I painted them white (duh!) I just recently bought a knob from Anthropolgie but i'm too lazy to retake the picture.
 Ae you kidding me!!! We paid all of that money and they still sleep with each other!!!!!

 The bed's are from Pottery Barn and the pink bedding is from Land of Nod. The lacey throw is from Ikea.
 I searched and searched for ideas on how to do the closest. On the day the shelves were going in the workers asked how slanted I wanted the shoe shelves. That day I was a mental basket case so I froze when he asked me and told him I didn't want them slanted because I didn't want to deal with it right then. Well I later TOTALLY REGRETTED THAT DECISION!!!! But it was too late. So no cute slanted show shelves for me!! But they work. can't complain.

 I found this at di for $8.00. It was a picture painted on canvas and the frame was brown. So I just painted over the picture with chalkboard paint. The girls had written on it and I was too lazy to wipe it off.
 I hate hoodies and jackets all over the place! They never stay on a hanger and the girls never would hang them up anyways. Its a little tight in that space but out of sight out of mind!
 My friend bought this picnic table for me for Christmas to use as a photo prop. I haven't been able to use it yet since its been so cold so for now it just looks cute in their room.
I bought this chest of drawers at Home Again in Midvale. The workers built the shelves around it, like a built in, so meaning its not going anywhere!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Level 4

 Austin's little buddy Carson also signed up so they can play at free time.

I don't have time to edit my on pictures so no judging!!! Austin started another round of swim lessons in level 4!! He was sooooo excited. I"ve been telling him that if he made it into level 4 he could jump off the diving boards (not really knowing if this was true!) so thats all he has been talking about. On his first day his teacher had to coax him into the water. He was worried I was going to leave him. I told her about the diving boards so she told him that if he got into the water he could go off the diving boards (cuz jumping into 13 feet of water isn't scarey!) but that got him in! So after he was done with swim lessons he was one happy boy!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Family Album 2012

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Aubree Age 9

Aubree Age 9
Aubree loves catching bugs,making crafts, and playing soocer

Addison Age 6

Addison Age 6
Addie loves playing with friends, doing schoolwork, and changing her clothes 10x a day

AUSTIN age 4

AUSTIN age 4
Austin loves cars, planes, and Spiderman

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