Thursday, March 29, 2012

Love My Pear Trees This Time of Year!

I stuck a piece of cardstock behind the flowers and loved how it turned out! I love my pear trees right before they bloom!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beauty and the Beast

I took Addie to Beauty and the Beast last week and she LOVED it. They had long stem roses waiting for us on our chairs since we are season ticket holders. The set and costumes were amazing and the girl who played Belle was really good. It was pretty funny too! Now only 4 more months until WICKED!

Daffodills In Bloom!

Austin's favorite field trip

Austin loves going to the grocery store on his field trip and this is his last time! (2 more months of paying for preschool!)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Playing At The Park

 We are desperate for some spring weather around here so last Sunday, even though it was breezy we took the kids to Sugar House Park.

 Most girls like to play dress up. Some girls like to build forts (or in this case a bridge) Dave and I have always said that Aubree needs to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere and let her play with the natives.
(I'm taking pictures of the entire high school varsity and junior varsity soccer team plus all of the individuals tomorrow! FREAK!)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Quick Photoshoot before School

UGH! It snowed again! What its March and then we get winter?! At least I get to play with some pictures....

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Please Hurry!

We woke up to snow on the ground so I need to post these pictures to make me feel better. My bulbs are poking through so I couldn't resist buying fresh flowers until I can soon cut my own.

Projects I Have Been Working On

 This frame has been bugging for a while. I didn't like the color of white I had orginally painted it and and stained the matte brown. So ugly! SO I repainted it in my new favorite white color (martha stewarts chalkboard white) and painted over the brown stain.
 Thank-you Thank-you to my very good friend Liz! She spent her whole day putting up this vinyl for me. I tried, I really did. I managed to do the in before I gave up and called her. It was too big and way too overwhelming to do it by myself. I was really worried when I first got it that it was too big, but now that its on my wall I think its the prefect size!
Modge-podged some of my favorite photos of the girls onto canvas boards. Theirs more of Addie to come, I just haven't gotten around to it and I can't get Austin to pose for me.

Crazy Hair day

The girls LOVE crazy hair day at school! They missed the last one because we were in AZ so they were so excited when they found out their was another one!
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Aubree Age 9

Aubree Age 9
Aubree loves catching bugs,making crafts, and playing soocer

Addison Age 6

Addison Age 6
Addie loves playing with friends, doing schoolwork, and changing her clothes 10x a day

AUSTIN age 4

AUSTIN age 4
Austin loves cars, planes, and Spiderman

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