Saturday, May 21, 2016


 State has come and gone we are are thrilled with how it turned out. She wasn't excepted to make the finals so our goal was to come and just be glad we were there! She placed 4th in her heat and placed 10th overall just one place away from making it into the finals!!! Her medley team placed 6th place overall and the 4x400 relay placed 4th just one place away from the podium!

 This is the 4x400 relay tamale of them seniors except for Aubree. They broke the school record running it at a 4:09. Aubree ran the race of her life at 57 seconds!! If she would've ran that yesterday she would've place 2nd place in the 400m!!!!
 Coach Allen the head coach

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Braces and a new bunny!

Addie got her braces on a couple of weeks ago and her new bunny was ready to come home about a week earlier then what we were told. She has named him Oreo.

Friday, May 13, 2016


 It was a grueling 2 days of meets!! I have never been so stressed out in my life!! For the entire track season Aubree's goal has been to qualify for state. To have that goal as a freshman is pretty insane but she wouldn't give up. Since she couldn't make the qualifying time which was 100.63 she had to be in the top 4 at region. When the final came for the 400m I literally thought I was going to throw up. She was feeling like she was getting the flu and was so nervous she felt like she was going to throw up!! A lot of our neighbors came to watch her and we had our own little cheering squad in the stands. When the top 8 crossed the finish line it was too close to call. It was so close that Aubree didn't think she made it and immediately started crying. 3 minutes later they announced the top 5 and when they announced Aubrey's name in 4th place our little cheering section cheered so loud!! We were all so happy!! She had 2 more races after that and had a fever at that point but you can't tell by these pictures!!! Stansbury High also won region by 2 points!!
 Aubree has some great friends that show up to her meets to cheer her on!
 Doing the glory run after they found out they won region!

 The girls also won region!
 This is our neighbor Sami Oblad who took 1st in the 400m. They're great friends!
 Aubree with her medal. She was the only freshman girl to qualify for an individual race!
 The 4x400 relay also qualified for state! The other 3 girls are seniors!
 Aubree with Coach Quarez
 He was so happy for her since she had held herself to such a high standard and then to be so crushed thinking she didn't make it.

Coach Allen is the head coach. She has the BEST coaches!!!! I am thrilled beyond words that she has 3 more years with these guys!!!!! She is so sad that this year is almost over

Saturday, May 7, 2016

 This is Coach Quarez one of Aubrey's track coaches and her favorite. He has nicknamed her flex and flex's every time he sees her. When she's running her face you can always hear him screaming "Pull Flex pull!!"
 She won her heat in the 800m. Of course we don't have this one on tape but it was really fun to watch and not through the camera. She was in 3rd place and the girl in first 1st was clear out in front. I said to David "Oh their is no way she's going to beat that girl in 1st." Right after I said that Aubree kicked it into gear and started smoking everyone! We just watched it too stunned to grab a camera. Even the people sitting around us were gasping. Not only did Aubree beat the girl who was in 1st place she killed her!! She got a 2:28 beating her PR of 2:38.9 and coming in 26th place out of 128 girls. This was the 3rd time Aubree has ran the 800m and normally runs the 400m I think we have found our new race!

 Aubree comes home exhausted from track practice but then finds herself in our weight room working out...

 This is the Unitah Invitational where she took 1st place in the 400m

This is the 2nd time running the 800m and took 4th place. her coach is in the background with the glasses. She has amazing coaches!!!!
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Aubree Age 9

Aubree Age 9
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Addison Age 6
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AUSTIN age 4
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